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Streamline power plant execution.

Planted simplifies automates builds solar.

High-Density Racking   |   Design Software   |   Robotic Construction

Land constraints, slope, and civil risk are the new normal

Turn more sites into good sites

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Better Returns

Low CapEx, reliable, high-density racking to deliver highest project value

Up to 27% Slope

Terrain following array to take the land as it comes and reduce earthwork

2 Acres / MWp

Redefined origination criteria and double energy yield per acre

Faster to COD

Simple supply chain, automated assembly, and land-friendly construction

Rapid solar deployment in a single package

1. Origination + Design

Accelerated design cycles and bidding tools from concept to construction-ready power plant. Design software pushes plans directly to assembly robots for implementation.

2. Field Execution

Simple logistics and automated installation to deliver faster, safer, and less labor-intensive construction using the simplest, least risk, most adaptable solar racking solution.

2. On-Site Execution

Planted automates logistics and installation for a complete mechanical build to deliver faster, safer, less labor-intensive construction using the simplest, least risk, most adaptable solar racking solution.

Your partner for portfolio growth.

Planted partners with your team to design, build, and operate solar power plants using software and robots. Our land-friendly solution includes design, site planning and logistics, racking hardware, and automated construction services.

We are energy project developers, solar technology innovators, roboticists, rocket engineers, and automation experts with backing from solar industry veterans and committed investors. We look forward to helping you turn more sites into good sites.

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“Planted Solar simultaneously provides an opportunity to work on cutting edge engineering and solve the biggest problem our world faces today - I can't think of a better place to work if you want to maximize your impact on solving the climate crisis."